Advanced Android App Architecture: Real-world app architecture in Kotlin 1.3

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Advanced Android App Architecture: Real-world app architecture in Kotlin 1.3

Learn App Architectures for Android!

Android has such a rich development ecosystem, which allows developers to develop apps in any way they please. However, with this level of freedom, scaling apps can be a mess. You’ve heard developers talk about “architecting” apps to help scale, but its never clear which architecture to use.

This is where Advanced Android App Architectures comes to the rescue! In this book, you’ll learn all the popular architectures the quick and easy way: by following fun and easy-to-read tutorials.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for intermediate Android developers who already know the basics of Android and Kotlin development but want to learn how best to organize code for scale.

Topics Covered in Advanced Android App Architectures

  • Model, View, Controller (MVC): Learn what the most common pattern found in Android Architectures really means.
  • Model, View, Presenter (MVP): Learn to separate concerns better than MVC including better ways to test your business logic.
  • Model, View, View-Model (MVVM): Learn to get the most of out of Android architecture components to structure your app in a way that will let you scale!
  • And much more, including dependency injection, VIPER, and the “Model, View, Intent” architecture.

One thing you can count on: after reading this book, you’ll be prepared to dive right in to any of the most popular Android app architectures out there!

About the Tutorial Team

The Tutorial Team is a group of app developers and authors who write tutorials at the popular website We take pride in making sure each tutorial we write holds to the highest standards of quality. We want our tutorials to be well written, easy to follow, and fun.

If you’ve enjoyed the tutorials we’ve written in the past, you’re in for a treat. The tutorials we’ve written for this book are some of our best yet – and this book contains detailed technical knowledge you simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

About the Cover

Birds are, of course, perhaps most well known for their ability to build fantastic nests,
and the satin bowerbird, which graces this cover, is no exception.

While many birds craft modest nests of sticks, mud and bits of softness collected here and there, the satin bowerbirds are much more ambitious with their structures. Perhaps one of nature’s most creative and serious architects, these birds build “bowers” to attract a mate. They build and decorate with anything from berries to flowers to drinking straws to ballpoint pens. Interestingly, as they mature, they prefer to architect with objects of the color blue.

Like these birds, good engineers understand the importance of good architecture: It is ambitious, structurally sound, attractive and sets your work apart from other simple- nesting developers.

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