Making Out in Korean – Revised Edition – PDF

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Making Out in Korean – Revised Edition – PDF

eBook Making Out in Korean – Revised Edition – The books in the Making Out series are fun and accessible guides to languages as they’re spoken on the street. These classic phrase books have been updated and expanded for use in informal situations such as bars, parties, or anywhere else one needs to know slang to survive! The books also now feature phrases written in their native script as well as in English, so the book can be shown to the person you are trying to communicate with. With transcriptions revised for easier pronunciation, these helpful books will have you making out in no time!

Making out in Korean (revised edition) features:

  • A casual form of spoken Korean in everyday life
  • Explanations of basic Korean grammar
  • Complete Korean translations including Korean Script
  • Useful and interesting notes on Korean language and culture.
  • Lots of colorful, fun and useful expressions not in other phrasebooks.
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